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Wealth Management

Our wealth management program or Risk Management program is a Consulting Program that Provides Research and general Advice, which is mainly used by cooperatives, merchants, consumers, exporters, importers and producers in several countries in order to remain competitive, reduce and transfer risk, and increase profits.

This tailored program offers:

Daily contact with the client with analysis of cash/forward/futures markets and monitoring of client’s futures positions.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly market intelligence reports.
  • Familiarizing the client with buying, selling and price risk hedging strategies.
  • Risk management training for all relevant departments in the client company, including commercial, financial, logistical, administrative, management departments and board of directors.
  • Analysis of the grain/commodities industry with a special attention to its main business, local supply, local demand, volumes, operational capacity, financial capacity and objectives. Considering currency exposure for hedging strategies.