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White Label

Starting a brokerage from scratch takes a lot of work. In addition, you need funds to create the infrastructure and trading platforms and time to train personnel. It’s a long and demanding process for any company. INGOT Brokers will facilitate this process for you with its White Label solutions which are perfect for financial institutions.

A white label program offers institutions the opportunity to rebrand INGOT online trading system and offer it to their clients as their own platform. There are two types of white labels: Full and Partial. Suitable candidates for our White label program include:

  • Financial services firms; for example, banks, insurance companies, etc.
  • Trading firms and/or online brokers that want to offer a greater range of products to their customers.
  • Candidate companies must be regulated by the central banks or boards of stock exchange in their countries.
  • As a white label partner, you will be provided with a platform with your brand name or logo as well as content for your introducing broker website.

How can you benefit?

  • Increase your profitability with volume based commission charges.
  • Increase the number of instruments and asset classes offered to your clients.
  • Our program gives you the flexibility you need to customize your own fee structure, maintain 100% of spread mark-ups.
  • Maintain absolute control over your client's information with full back-office reporting.
  • Receive all software upgrades and updates at no extra cost.